Last month, Massachusetts veterans of the fight for app worker rights came together to found Massachusetts Drivers United.

In just one month, our team has taken important steps towards our mission of building collective app-driver power. Our organizers have made almost 400 calls, resulting in hundreds of driver-to-driver conversations. We have already run multiple orientation sessions, as well as an Organizer Training in collaboration with our close partner Rideshare Drivers United, based in California. And we hosted our first membership meeting with strong driver participation.

Our founders bring years of experience and relationships to Massachusetts Drivers United.

Munim  Khan, Chair, has been a rideshare driver for seven years. He was a founder of the Boston Independent Drivers Guild(BIDG) and served for two years as BIDG Vice-Chair. Munim is a leader that many Boston drivers – and community leaders – have known for years.

Henry De Groot, Executive Director, has been a driver for more than two years, and formerly served as Executive Director of BIDG. He is a lead author of the Driver Bill of Rights (HB1094). Henry is a Masters candidate in Labor Studies at UMass Amherst.

Jonathan Kolodziej, Ahmed Hussein, and Mutwaly Hamid also bring their experience as drivers and former board members of BIDG to our new effort.

We remain committed to the same values we have held for years: driver power, full independence from the companies, and democratic control of our organization.

We hope you will join us as we continue to fight for driver rights. We are open to requests for information, media inquiries, research, and collaboration.

We have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win.

In Solidarity,

Board of Directors

Massachusetts Drivers United

Office: 617-682-0991

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