Massachusetts Drivers United launched in Fall of 2021 to bring the fight to #BigGig and win justice for app workers. We are committed to winning full worker rights, fair pay, and a union contract for all app-based drivers in Massachusetts.

Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and other companies are launching an assault on driver rights.

H1094 – An Act Establishing A Driver Bill of Rights – is our best bet to organize drivers into a fighting worker union. Whether drivers want to be classified as employees or as an independent contractors, we can all agree that app-drivers deserve worker rights, fair pay, and respect. You can learn more and sign our petition here.

Massachusetts Drivers United is committed to building a grassroots, democratic union which is fully independent of Uber, Lyft, and the other #BigGig companies. We totally reject the company union model. We are building a union run by and for the workers.

We know that we cannot stand alone against #BigGig and the rigged system. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers.

Our organization is officially chartered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We operate in a democratic fashion, and our by-laws can be viewed here.


Chair – Munim Khan

Munim has been a rideshare driver for over 7 years. He lives in West Roxbury with his wife and daughter. He is also active in Boston’s Muslim community, serving on the board of the Islamic Center of Boston.

Vice-Chair and Secretary- Jonathan Kolodziej

Jonathan has been a part-time rideshare driver for 5 years. He works full time as a social worker in Brighton, where he lives with his dog Lefty.

Treasurer – Henry De Groot

Henry has been a rideshare and food delivery driver for two years. A native of Newton Centre, Henry recently completed his M.S. in Labor Studies at UMASS Amherst.

Board Member – Mutwaly Hamid

Mutwaly has been a rideshare driver for four years. He moved to the United States from Sudan, and hopes to one day advocate full-time for the rights of immigrants like himself.