Justice for Massachusetts App-Drivers!

Massachusetts Drivers United is uniting app-workers across the Commonwealth to fight for fair working conditions and respect from #BigGig companies like Uber, Lyft, and Doordash.

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Want to volunteer?

We need drivers and allies to help us make phone calls, pass out fliers, and organize public events, social media campaigns, and more. Take your place in the fight!

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We need all progressive and labor organizations to lend a hand in our fight for justice and respect.

Introducing Massachusetts Drivers United

Last month, Massachusetts veterans of the fight for app worker rights came together to found Massachusetts Drivers United. In just one month, our team has taken important steps towards our mission of building collective app-driver power. Our organizers have made almost 400 calls, resulting in hundreds of driver-to-driver conversations. We have already run multiple orientation…

Why We Support the PRO Act

App-drivers and labor advocates around the country have been fighting to pass the Protect the Right to Organize Act – also know as the PRO Act. The PRO Act empowers workers to more easily form unions, and to bargain collectively for fair contracts. The PRO Act increases fines on employers for union-busting – scaring workers…

“The tinder of discontent begins to pile up. Any spark can light it, and once lit, the fire can spread rapidly.”

-Farrel Dobbs